Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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The Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents its members, then Melksham's general business interest. Any business is welcome to join; as well as Chamber representation, membership benefits include access to training and information, the ability to input to local political process the effects businesses, and a variety of local and wider discounts. Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce
Current Hot Issues

Planning Application by Countrywide
Countrywide have been in Melksham for 40 years, and want to stay. Their existing premises are to be demolished soon, and they would like to build a new store to carry on their business, retaining some 35 to 40 jobs in the town, about 50 yards from their current site - replacing the derelict grain silos on the Bradford-on-Avon Road. Wiltshire Council's officers have suggested that a new Countrywide store would damage trade in the town centre, and have suggested they should relocate to Trowbridge of Chippenham. There is a planning meeting on 28th of this month - what do YOU think? Please visit the Chamber's website and vote in our mini-poll - the views of other businesses do count, and we will be at the meeting to represent those views

Public Transport Improvements
Melksham Currently has just two trains a day each way .. and a gap from 07:17 to 19:11 in the services. And many people couldn't even tell you where the station is. The new Wiltshire Council, with inputs from all along the railway line, is far more positive than the previous administration and although lacking significant funds, may be able to provide limited extra services - with five additional trains calling during the current long gap. Read more via the Chamber's web site.

Town Centre Road Works
"Business as Usual" say the signs - but that's been a lie. Do the people who set up the roadwork signs REALLY think that we usually open our shops from behind a gaudy array of barriers? The improvements will be very welcome when completed, but should they take so long? Is a short, sharp disruption better for YOU than a drawn out one? There are further phases to come - please let The Chamber know how you would like us to lobby.

Diary of Events

Executive meetings are held at Well House Manor - the Melksham Business Hotel on Spa Road - and start at 18:30. Please contact the chairman or secretary if you would like something added to the agenda. Guests Welcome! Please come along.

This brief diary lists Chamber of Commerce events only. Our web site links you to a diary that includes other dates or events in Melksham or relevant to the town.

Contact Information

The New Businesses competition, with a prize of £1000.00 to the best new business in Melksham, was judged at Well House Manor last Monday, by judges representing the Chamber, local businesses, local finance, the council, and the school. And the judges were highly impressed by the quality of entries - "They made it very hard for us to choose" said one. The winner will be announced at a special event on the evening of 28th October.
An update for Melksham

This newssheet is produced and distributed by the Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry - "An Update for Melksham"

Please have a look through the items on this sheet, and visit The Chamber's new web site, or get in touch with us, if you would like further information on any of them. Melksham needs to speak with a strong local voice in the new, larger Unitary authority and to pull together to keep the retail businesses, and the other sectors too, vibrant, informed, and representing their interests.

Do you think that Countrywide should be allowed to stay in Melksham? Do you think the river should be opened to canal boats? Do you think that charity shops should get a 100% reduction on business rates, up from 80% last year? Do you think Melksham should have an improved rail service? A pedestrianised town centre?
Melksham Business Map

The Melksham Business Map shows over 200 businesses which are open for walk in business (no appointment necessary) in the town centre, and surrounding areas such as Avonside, Berryfield, Bowerhill and Melksham Forest. You can view the map and business list on our web site. The map is produced in co-operation with Melksham Town Council, Melksham Tourist Information Centre, Leekes, and Well House Consultants. Copyright of the map is retained by Well House Consultants, but you are welcome to print, display and distribute copies of the map in its original form from the .pdf file. Please notify any changes to us by email.

Add YOUR voice - Melksham Forum

The Melksham Forum is a discussion area for business and other interests in the Melksham area.

Joining the Chamber

All local businesses in Melksham are encouraged to join the Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You gain ... local networking ... a say in local developments ... news updates for business ... access to training ... chamber support ... discounts ... publicity. Your business pays ... from about 18p per day.

Wessex Association of Chambers

Melksham Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce - 16 chambers of commerce and similar organisations spread across Wiltshire and nearby counties. By working with other Chambers, we can share administration costs, we can be a more powerful voice when talking to County and National Government on business issues, and we can offer members a wider range of business services such as advise, training, referrals, networking and discounts.

Contact Information

Chairman - Colin Harrison
0845-094-3558 -

Secretary - Ann-Marie Escott
01225-355553 -

President - Graham Ellis
01225 708225 -

The Executive Committee are all employed by or run businesses in Melksham, and will be happy to meet with you if approached. Please get in touch to make an appointment first so that we can get together at a mutually convenient time and place. Deliveries / Paperwork may be left f.a.o. Graham Ellis at Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road, Melksham, SN12 7NY; urgent correspondence should go to our secretary, Ann-Marie Escott.

Update letter written by Graham Ellis, Chamber President, on 19th October 2009."I promised everyone updates when I came around to check details for the businees map ... and here is you first update. Please support us by visiting our website, coming to our meetings, and joining the Chamber"