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All members of the executive committee of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcome approaches from the members, and will do everything they can to provide appropriate advise and assistance, including putiing members in touch with other network or proffessional services. Businesses who are not members of The Chamber are also welcome to approach us, though we can only help to a lesser degree in such circumstances, looking to the general business environment of Melksham rather than your individual business as our guiding criterion.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are all employed by or run businesses in Melksham, and will be happy to meet with you if approached. Please get in touch to make an appointment first so that we can get together at a mutually convenient time and place. Deliveries / Paperwork may be left f.a.o. Graham Ellis at Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road, Melksham, SN12 7NY.

Administrative Contact

Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry shares some office services with other Wiltshire Chambers of Commerce. These are based in those offices at Pentagon House, 52 Castle Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8AU. We can by reached by email

The Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce has been undergoing a major update in the first half of 2012. The association has historically provided an umbrella organisation for the Melksham Chamber - giving us pooled secretarial services, subscription collection, postal and telephone services, and a cost effective office base. The shape and need for such services has changed quite dramatically in the last few years, and we're all taking the opportunity to look forward to what's needed for the next ten years. We already make use of email, web sites, twitter, mobile phones, facebook, diary applications and we need to do so more effectively, and to do so in place of expenditure on postage, fixed phones, offices, etc.

As the Wessex Association completes its update, it's now Melksham Chamber's turn. The contact details on this page, the monthly meeting, and our aims and objectives remain unchanged. However, you will see a change in the balance over the summer, with much more emphasis on local services, and much more emphasis on ensuring that the Melksham area is, and remains, an area that is an excellent business base and that businesses can be proud of.

While these changes take place, please contact either Colin or Graham with regard to any Melksham issues. Association members (members who have paid to be on the circulation and mailing lists for all 17 chambers) and Patrons should continue to contact the association directly on wider issues.

Melksham Chamber welcomes the update at the Wessex Association (of which it is a founder member) and looks forward to a long and fruitful future as a member Chamber.


Ann-Marie and Colin
The Secretary and Chairman

• Colin Harrison
  Colin Harrison Design
  0845 094 355

• Mr Graham Ellis
  Well House Consultants
  01225 708225

• Cllr Chris Petty

• Henry King

• Adrian Webb

• Sean Malough

• Mrs Lisa Ellis

• Ms Terri Welch

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