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The MELKSHAM Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents its members, then Melksham's general business interest. Any business is welcome to join; as well as Chamber representation, membership benefits include access to training, information, the ability to input to local political process the effects businesses, and a variety of local and wider discounts. Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce

A bit about Melksham

Melksham is a town with a population of about 22,500 in the county of Wiltshire, England - about 100 miles to the west of London. There are many interesting and historic buildings in the town, and many tourists attractions in the beautiful areas nearby, but Melksham is very much a working town, with a mixture of modern and traditional industries and services, and in town and out of town retail stores. [more about Melksham] - [Melksham in Pictures

What is happening in Melksham? ... See the latest via Wiltshire Times and Melksham Independent News

Currently Running Issues

Dates of next meetings:

November 17th 2015 at Well House Manor. 5.45 for a 6.00pm start

Draft October 15 Chamber Meeting Minutes2.pdf can be downloaded here

September 15th 2015 - Public Meeting / Campus Update from COB members

The COB looks at what's to be in and around the community campus, and the meeting is open to all whether they're currenlty using facilities at Melksham House, at other sites within Melksham, or indeed if they hope to be new users, individual or group.

"Our brief is (we believe) an important one but does not extend to cover issues of a current operational nature I'm happy to refer you to the right people to talk to is you have any such issues, and please don't wait to September to ask, but I suspect current users probably know them already far better than we do.

It's probably also worth saying that the thousand of hours put into the project by COB members has related to making sure that as best we can that the commissioners, designers and builders are informed and working to what the community wants - there has been a huge amount of talking, listening and planning. That time has largley past and it's now time (some will say long overdue!) to get on with final adjustments and build the ***** place

May 2015 AGM. Officers re-elected as follow. Colin Harrison, Chair. Phil McMullen - Secretary. Graham Ellis - President. Colin Harrison - Treasurer. Steve Petty - Vice President. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 19th May 2015 at Well House Manor.docx

DRAFT January 15 Chamber Meeting Minutes.pdf

Wiltshire council, and its activities, provide much of the background to business activities, and the future of business, in the county as a whole, including Melksham. With Wiltshire Councillors elected at the start of this month for the next 5 years, we have three new representatives with whom to work on the Melksham Area Board.

The new members (those who were not members of the previous council) were all invited along to the meeting. This was an excellent opportunity to update them on how they can help businesses in Melksham so that we remain a thriving town ... and looking forward to the future, it's very much more practical to plan and get our inputs in while strategic decisions are being made.

Issues include

* Public Transport
* Town Team
* Core Strategy
* The Campus
* Wind Farms
* Replacement of section 106 funding by CIL
* Making Melksham a floral town
* Welcoming newcomers to Melksham
* The Chamber's future and future role in Melksham, in Wessex, and wider

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The Way forward

Melksham Chamber of Commerce, and indeed many Chambers in Wessex and the umbrella Wessex Association are looking forward - at what local (Melksham) and Association (Wessex) members want for coming years. What's wanted, how it's delivered and how it's funded was the subject of last week's Chamber meeting in Melksham.

Melksham Chamber of Commerce welcomed the enhanced membership package (including HR and and legal help lines, insurance against tax audit costs, and much more) that's to be offered to members of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce from January 2013. These will be of benefit to many smaller businesses, and can be arranged in bulk by the association at a far lower cost than if purchased by individual members.

The Melksham Chamber was, however, concerned at the substantial rise in subscriptions projected for members, some of whom already have such business packages through trade bodies or other organisations, or (in the case of larger members) through their own departments or head offices. It was therefore resolved to support the Wessex Chamber in presenting their new enhanced package to exisiting members, and at the same time to offer a new, clearly defined local membership of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce for businesses and organisations with a commercial interest who wish to support Melksham.

Local membership will start at 45 pounds per annum (sole trader), with additional tiers up to 195 pounds, and a "local Patron" level of 450 pounds. Intermediate tiers are still being calculated, and the income (after admin costs) will be spent to further support in the Melksham Community Area.

Association membership rates will start where local membership rates end, and will purchase the Associaition package, together with membership of many additional groups, mailings to businesses throughout the Wessex area, and the right to attend Chamber meetings and events in at any Association Chamber at member rates. 30 pounds of each association member's annual fee will be paid to the Melksham Chamber to support work in Melksham, with remaining fees covering wider admin and operational costs, the costs of the services provided by the Wessex Association, and further support in the wider (Wessex) area.

Local membership will offer members ... a monthly newsletter, specific to Melksham, on what's happening in the community area for businesses. A monthly meeting (alternating between an executive style meeting and an event such as networking, social media seminar, council update, etc). Mailing to Melksham members. "Contact point" to help put you in touch around the town. The right to use the Chamber emblem. Priority inputs on decisions where the Chamber's involved and can make a difference - recent and ongoing Melksham examples include transport, the Campus, the Canal and Countrywide Farmers. Several of those are ongoing, as are issues such as the Bowerhill to A350 link road, the core strategy planning framework for the future, and waste disposal for businesses.

Working quietly behind the scenes, Melksham's Chamber of Commerce has achieved a great deal for its members and for the wider town over the years, and it's now set out its strategy for doing so into the future. New local and association membership enquiries are welcome at any time - email - or visit our website at . If you prefer, simply come along to the next meeting which is at Well House Manor on Tuesday, 27th November.

President's Blog

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It's always good to have to get more chairs out ;-) ... A very interesting presentation to the Chamber of Commerce this evening, when Graham Dean of Herman Miller told us why the company has chosen a site in Melksham for their new UK facility, shifting most of their existing employees from their Bath and Chippenham facilities to the town. We look forward to welcoming the company, and around 140 s ...

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Read Graham's full daily blog (including technical articles, running a hotel, daily life and the campaign for an improved train service to Melksham here

Joining the Chamber

All local businesses in Melksham are encouraged to join the Melksham Chamber of Commererce and Industry. You gain ... local networking ... a say in local developments ... news updates for business ... access to training ... chamber support ... discounts ... publicity. Your business pays about 18p per day.

Melksham Chamber Brochure 2013.pdf

Standing Order Form - April 2013.pdf

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Wessex Association of Chambers

Melksham Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce - 17 chambers of commerce and similar organisations spread across Wiltshire and nearby counties. By working with other Chambers, we can share administration costs, we can be a more powerful voice when talking to County and National Government on business issues, and we can offer members a wider range of business services such as advise, training, referrals, networking and discounts. [Link]

Contact Information

Chairman - Colin Harrison - 0845-094-3558 -
Secretary - Phil McMullen - 01225- 709638 -
President - Graham Ellis - 01225 708225 -

Other Resources

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Wiltshire Business Support Service

• Melksham Campus - passed planning approval

• Train services to Melksham from 2015 to 2020. Read our consultations submission [here].

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